Hello, my name is

Ali Hassan

Freelancer Web Developer

Ali Hassan
About me

As a skilled web developer with over 7 years of experience, I'm passionate about delivering top-quality website and product design solutions to clients. With a focus on creativity, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Ali is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their goals and succeed online.

I design professional & beautiful websites

With extensive experience in both graphic and web design, I have honed my ability to grasp clients’ needs while staying current with the latest design trends. My diverse portfolio showcases my work with businesses across various industries, giving you the confidence to trust me with your project.

With years of experience in design, I have gained expertise in a range of areas, including front-end development, landing pages, email design, app UI/UX, and mobile product design. My portfolio encompasses several live projects, allowing me to provide you with informed recommendations and creative ideas. I believe in collaborating with my clients to arrive at the best solution, offering a range of options for you to choose from, without any obligation to accept.

What I do

I cover all the steps in between comprehending your needs and delivering the final outcome, including creating a detailed design plan.


I provide SSL services for WordPress websites to secure online communications and protect sensitive information. I configure SSL certificates and ensure proper installation and maintenance.

Web Development

I specialize in custom WordPress web development, including design, development, and maintenance. I create responsive, user-friendly websites that meet clients' unique needs.


I provide business email
configuration services to ensure
reliable and secure communication.
I configure email servers, protocols, and settings, and assist with email client setup.



My Experience


ACME Company

Lead UI/UX Designer

I have responsibly led a team of 12 designers to help, supervise and approve their designs to make sure it matches client expectations and latest design standards.


Dynamic Capital INC

Web Developer

I was responsible for all the in-house and client-based web development assignments. I take pride in having helped the best of clients and getting maximum ratings for the company.

Dynamic Capital INC

UI/UX Designer

I was a part of an amazing design team and worked together with them to help design and develop apps and websites for different clients of the company.